溫哥華這邊的仲介很多。可是,我覺得Ivan 真的很可靠很用心. 讓我們買房子的時候在每個程序都很平順,讓我們沒有後顧之憂。我強力推薦他.
~ Sammy

After having it on the market for over 15 months with no results and then after listing with you, we were able to get the deal less than 3 weeks. You are truly amazing! The service you provided throughout the listing and sale process was amazing and extremely professional and very much appreciated! You exemplify professionalism in the real estate.
~ 趙先生

這個年輕人做事真的很有幹勁,而且誠懇實在. 謝謝你,Ivan 幫我們賣得這麽好的價錢,給我們這麽好的服務!
~ 陳先生,陳太太

Just a quick note to say thank you for all your hard work. Excellent service we will definitely recommend you. Probably the most professional Realtor and we have dealt!!!. Thanks. Friendly, efficient. Excellent!
~ Tom

你可以看得出來Ivan 的服務及待人處事,那是一種發自內心的誠懇. 所以,你可以放心把房子買賣交待給他.
~ 張太太

Working with Ivan was a pleasure. He always answers our phone calls! Always had an answer for our questions. For sure we will use his services again and wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to our friends.
~ Ryan

謝謝您的努力- 讓我和孩子們找到我們夢想的家
~ Wang Xiao Bing

Hi Ivan John and I want to thank you for helping us in finding our new home. Here are a few reasons we selected you. 1. Your knowledge of the market. 2. Your great dedication and kindness. 3. Your professional job done. It was a great experience working with you.
~ Sally and John